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intitle, allintitle Google Operators

Use the advanced operators intitle and allintitle to search within the title of a Web page. Again, for the benefit of all, the title of a page is located within the title tag of a HTML document. For pages without titles, the operators will return hits based on the topmost text of that page.

The title of message posts applies when searching in Google Groups.

The intitle operator
intitle:casino.resort "free.membership"

Advanced examples:
intitle:"index of" mp3
intitle:"index of" password OR passwd OR pass

The allintitle operator
Google will find every single search term or phrase after the allintitle operator in the title of a Web page.

allintitle:disney land hong.kong
allintitle:index.of private

Note that the allintitle operator may yield unpredictable results when used with other advanced operators.