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Google Web Search Results

A typical Google web search result page consists of three main parts: (1) a scaled down version of the main page at the top, followed by (2) a list of search results in the middle, and (3) another scaled down version of the main page at the bottom.

The top part
All links on the top part provide the same features as those on the main page. However, clicking on the Web, Images, Videos, Maps, News tabs will automatically re-submit your search term in the respective search area. For example, submitting 'hotel' as a web search will probably show a list of hotel services in the results. By clicking on the Images tab, Google will display thumbnails of various hotels, hotels rooms, and so on.

The middle part
Each item in the list of search results consists of the URL and a summary of the site, followed by a Cached and Similar link. The Cached link shows the page as it appeared since Google last crawled it. Clicking on the Similar link will display a list of webpages with similar contents.

Use the Show options... link to refine your results by several useful categories such as Forums, Reviews, Recent results, and more.
A Translate this page link will appear if a particular search result webpage is not in your native language. Use the link to translate the webpage to your native language.

The bottom part
The search box is basically the same as the main page's.

Use the Search within results to refine your results list. Using our 'hotel' search example, clicking on the Search within results link and submitting 'Japan' will display a list of results showing hotel services in Japan.