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phonebook, rphonebook Google Operators

The phonebook operator
The phonebook operator is a specialized Google operator for searching public residential phone numbers by a person's name. It cannot be used with other operators or search terms.

Example: phonebook:santa claus

Use the adjacent map link on the search results to view the location on Google Maps.

The phonebook operator was originally more flexible when it was first introduced. It allowed users to search for names and narrow results by adding in the residential or business area of the person you are looking for. It was also made to combine a search within both residential and business phone book listings instead of using the rphonebook and the obsolete bphonebook operator separately. Unfortunately, Google has revised this operator such that you can only search by names now. The business phone number search capability has also been removed.

The rphonebook operator
Today, the rphonebook operator still survives. It has the same functionality as the phonebook operator and will return identical search results.

Example: rphonebook:santa claus

You can choose to remove your own phone number from Google's phonebook listing by submitting a removal request via the Google Phonebook Name Removal page. Do note that this will only remove your name from Google's listing and not from other search engines or webpages.