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cache Google Operator

Google saves "snapshots" of pages that its Googlebot has crawled. You can view these snapshots via the Cached link in the search results.

Another method is to use the cache operator. Using this operator takes you directly to the cached version of a page.

Example: cache:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googlebot

The cache operator follows the same rules as the link operator. It should not be used with other operators or search terms; doing so will convert the operator into a search term. Invalid URLs will also convert the cache operator into a search term.

It is always easier to access the cached version of a page via Google's search results compared to using the cache operator. However, bear in mind that with the cache operator, you (or any other potential hacker) can dig up old pages that were removed from the search results for whatever reason.

Webmasters of secure sites usually do not allow Google's caching. Such sites will not show the Cached link and will not produce any results with the cache operator.