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link Google Operator

The link operator searches for HTML links to a particular page.

Example: link:ntu.edu.sg

Note that Google shows the number of hits as usual, followed by "linking to ntu.edu.sg". This indicates a correct link search.
Take care that the link submitted should be a valid URL. An invalid URL will cause the link operator to become an ordinary search term.

This operator should not be used with other operators or search terms; doing so will convert the link operator into a search term.

Compare the link operator with the site operator. The site operator shows no result for an invalid URL whereas the link operator shows results of different context depending on the validity of the URL submitted.

You can use sub-domains to narrow search results. A neat trick is to use this operator to search for backlinks to a particular page of your site. Note that the results may not be the same as those shown in Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools.