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inanchor, allinanchor Google Operator

The inanchor operator
The inanchor operator searches the anchor of a link, and not the actual URL. What is an anchor of a link?

An example of a link: Google Expert Tips. The anchor of this example is the displayed text 'Google Expert Tips'. Underlying the more readable and meaningful anchor text is the actual URL of the page. The HTML code looks like:

The inanchor operator searches within the anchor text "Google Expert Tips" in this case. This operator can be used with other operators.

Example: inanchor:scholarship inanchor:form inanchor:application site:edu

See the link operator for more details.

The allinanchor operator
The allinanchor operator searches for all search terms submitted. The following example will show the same results as the above.

Example: allinanchor:scholarship form application site:edu

This operator should not be combined with other operators. Use multiple inanchor operators if you are combining with other operators.